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Hi everyone, my name is Raeisa. Several year Lecturer experience is my possession and I have attended many conferences based on education on a large scale. My field is Political science.  I’m interested in exploring present science technology and science based researches with some work where I’m still personally engaged.

Knowing about the facts that usually are unusual in one’s life is kinda my very favorite part. Besides provoking imaginations, thoughts, ideas and something new every time is my hobby under which  I try being indulged in to make my surrounding more colorful and logical and present others with something new that they’re looking for.

This makes everyone to observe most aspect they’re surrounded by and think about things more deeply to understand the logical reasoning by the common methods of inductive and deductive reasoning. So this life of adventures, thrill, act, and every relating dealing means me to a live full life and tends me to make interesting response for my circle global village. 


OK let’s change the topic and time to follow some rules of this site Right, I’d just like to start by laying down some multiple rules.

First of all , in cause you do have E-mail id … please, leave it down here.
Secondly, if anyone texts you any good jokes, could you please forward  to me?”

And third , don’t worry about that what people think, they do it very often. hahahaha

What I am good at, and the reason why I’m here, is getting the right people, businesses and great ideas. I’m not good on details;                                                                              

But I promise that I’ll make the people thrill with a lot of excitement and I’m looking forward to working with all of you.”
So i just step into oncoming traffic .


E-mail : –   

Ask me a question and i will get back to you !


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