Apricot Juice For Constipation Relief And Flatulence Overcome

Constipation is one of the most widely occurring in every other person. it’s various treatments, supplements & cures are suggested to overcome it. you can get a healthy digestive system & gastrointestinal tract. Apricot is popular to avoid this problem & is recommended in regular diet in order to eliminate this problem. Flatulence as a result of it can be avoided using this fruit as it contains fibers which are commonly known to relief constipation & flatulence.

Apricot juice is very useful for health. consuming apricot juice every day can keep the frame fitness stays suitable. here are a few fitness advantages of Apricot juice. Apricot juice fitness advantages that are not much less important is to save you constipation. every juice generally cannot maintain its fiber, but apricot can preserve their fiber content material though created juice. for that reason, apricot intake is useful to save you and treat constipation and weight loss. It is also useful for preventing cancer.

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Apricot Juice Ingredients اجزاء

Honey 2 tsp                        شہد 2 چائے کے چمچ
Dried apricots 1 cup             خشک خوبانی 1 کپ
Ice crushed as needed          برف حسبِ ضرورت
Mineral water ½ litter          منرل واٹر 1/2 لیٹر

Flatulence| Constipation Relief|Apricot Juice Recipe

1-  Soak the apricots over night in water.

2-  In the morning blend apricots along with the water.

3-  Add some honey, blend well until  smooth.

4-  Pour in glasses with crushed ice and serve.


(1)  خوبانی کو رات بھر کے لیے پانی میں بھگو دیں.
(2)  صبح اسی پانی سمیت بلڈ کردیں.
(3)  شہد شامل کر کے مزید بلینڈ کریں.
(4)  برف ڈال کر سرو کریں.

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