Avocado Pineapple Shrimp Salad With Instant Noodles پائن اپیل شرمپ سیلڈ 


Every other delicious seafood salad this i have here is the pineapple shrimp salad. This salad recipe could be very smooth to prepare and want no for a skilled  prepare dinner. if you recognize the way to make a sandwich, then you can make this. The only intricate element is getting ready and cooking the shrimps. If you acquire fresh shrimps, then you need to prepare dinner and peel it or to make your life easier, purchase frozen peeled shrimps. And a little tip for preparing the lettuce, soak it in water with a teaspoon of baking soda for as a minimum 10 minutes.

The risks for developing asthma, blood pressure,cancer,diabetes and digestion 40 % decreased risk of dying from all causes . Pineapple helps a lot to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture.

Although if we talk about avocados  there are many kinds of avocados, and the shape like round pear shaped green and black. Eating avocado Reduce total cholesterol levels blood pressure and various others. There are so many evidence that avocados are a weight loss friendly food . Avocados are also high in fiber, very low in carbs. that should also help promote weight loss, at least in the context of a healthy, real food based diet.

Ingredients  اجزاء

Avocado —– 2                                      ناشپاتی 2 عدد 
Sugar ——- 1 tsp                        چینی 1 چاۂے کا چمچ 
Salt ———to taste                            نمک حسب ذائقہ 
Oil ———-as required                   تیل حسب ضرورت 
Lemon juice– 1 tbsp          لیوں کا رس 1 چاۂے کا چمچ 
Olive oil — 1 tbsp               زیتون کا تیل 1 چاۂے کا چمچ 
Pineapple small can —1                       پاۂن اۂپل 1 ٹن 
Instant noodles ——-1 packet               نوڈلز 1 پیکٹ 
Almonds (roasted ) —-1/4 cup              بادام 1/4 کپ
Carrots (Julienne) —                             2 گاجر 2 عدد 
Bell pepper (strips )- 2                            بیل پیپر 2 عدد
Black pepper powder —to taste  کالی مرچ  حسب ذائقہ 
Cabbage head (cut into pieces ) — 1/4      بند گوبھی 

Avocado| Pineapple| Shrimp Salad Recipe

1-   Heat oil in a pan, stir fry noodles. Remove when crispy and golden.
2-  Combine vegetables in a bowl.
3-  Mix lemon juice ,olive oil ,sugar , salt and black pepper. Beat well and pour over vegetables.
4-  Arrange the salad on a flat dish and spread the noodles and almonds over the vegetables .
5-  Serve immediately otherwise the noodles will loose their crunchiness.


(1)   سیلڈ باؤل میں گوبھی کے پتے بچھا لیں ۔
(2)   شرمپس، پائن ایپل، گاجر، زیتون اور ٹماٹر ایک ساتھ پتوں کے اوپر رکھیں۔
(3)   ڈریسنگ  کے اجزاء مکس کرکے سلاد کے اوپر ڈال دیں۔
(4)   ٹھنڈا کر کے پیش کریں۔


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