Cabbage Soup Weight Lose Fast 10 lbs In 1 Week  

Cabbage Soup is a diet Soup, a complete meal in it’s self. Lose the weight speedy or simply hold it,
start with having the soup three to four times an afternoon, with fruit and salad in between for two weeks. After that try this for as soon as per week and at the relaxation of the days.

Nutritious soups are well known for various purposes and considered as a source of internal wholesome nutrient requirements with perfect balanced diet along with weight loss of body. Most prominent soups being predominantly the cabbage soup is well-known for its weight loss effects on the body lowering the cholesterol levels and initiating the healthy environment within the body eliminating all toxic materials and bringing u to healthy body required with nutritious diet.
This soup is a magic soup, delicious, healthful, and specially facilitates you shed pounds very very speedy.

let’s try this recipe and send me your comment, I would really like to hear from you.


Cabbage Soup ingredients - Ibneali
Cabbage Soup

Carrots 3                                       گاجر 2 عدد
Tomatoes 2                                   ٹماٹر 2 عدد
Green peppers 2                     سبز مرچ 2 عدد
Celery 1 bunch                              مولی 1 عدد
Cabbage 1 small            بند گوبھی 1 عدد چھوٹی
Water 10-12 cups          پانی 10 سے 12 گلاس
Black Pepper to taste       کالی مرچ حسب ذائقہ
Large green onions              6پیاز 6 عدد بڑے
NO SALT                        نمک استعمال نہیں کرنا
Garlic powder to taste           ادرک حسب ذائقہ 

Cabbage Soup| Weight loss| Recipe  

Heat 10 to 12 glass of water and cut all vegetables like carrots, tomatoes,onions, cabbage,  peppers and celery in a massive pot. Let it cock  until vegetables are soft and tender .Keep stirring till it lightly thickens .Put off the heat and serve hot . If  you want to  add some vinegar and corn flour for taste then you can . Eat like a soup.  you can remove all vegetables and drink only water it’s all depend on your taste.  Cabbage Soup can be stored inside the fridge for numerous days.

7 Days Diet Plan

3-4 Plan tomato juice  Time 7-9 am , Eat 9-10 only soaked dry fruits as they are easily digest able and drink soak water empty stomach and chew dry fruits at snacks time. Have green tea along with mix of soaked dry fruits at snacks break. Lunch Time a bowl of daal or you can take  cabbage soup . 4-6 pm drink a glass of citrus fruits. Dinner before 1-2 hours to bed time eat a bowl of fruits, don’t add any topping , don’t take any steamed food also . therefore you can take some cabbage soup or green tea.

Tomato juice for weight lossgreen tea for weight loss7 day diet plan dry fruits7 day diet plan -Ibneali

fruits for weight loss
Weight Loss

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