What Is Cancer.. ? Cancer Symptoms And Causes

Date 4/19/ 2017 | Written by Raeisa

Cancer is basically the growth of abnormal cells in the body. These cells spread in the different parts of the body of human being. There are certain symptoms of the cancer.

Therefore it may cause the death of the person. Cough, bleeding or continuous weight loss are the symptoms of the cancer. Question is how to avoid the cancer.. ?

A person can avoid cancer and save himself from cancer by eating a lot of fruits, no smoking, no drinking, by eating a lot of vegetables and less sunlight exposure.

A person should go to doctor for medical checkup and screening tests which detect the cancer.

Cancer Symptoms| Some General Signs

We should know some general signs & cancer symptoms but remember having any of these dose not mean that you have cancer . Many other things causes these signs and symptoms too. 1st of all please see a doctor to find out what’s going on . Any how according to experts, the main cause of cancer is the environment.

It is not possible to prove the exact reason of the cancer. But It can be judged easily by different assumptions and tests.

If a person uses tobacco then it affects his lungs. So the tests will clearly show the condition of the lungs which proves an evidence of the cancer.

There are different other aspects.Pollution also causes cancer. Different radiations of elements which may be ionizing or non-ionizing, they cause cancer too. Hence, mostly cancer causes death.


Different Types Of Cancer 

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Different Types Of Cancer

Obviously there are some types of cancer. Each type has different effect on the person. Some of the types of cancer are defined below

1- Carcinoma 

Carcinoma is a type of cancer which is mostly arose in breast of a women. It may be in lungs of a male or female too. It affects the pancreas, colon and prostate as well.

2- Sarcoma 

Sarcoma arises from connective tissues. There are certain connective tissue in the human body. Some of them are bone, fat or never. Connective tissues may also include cartilage.

3- Lymphoma & leukemia

 Those cells which are the blood forming cells are known as hematopoietic. Lymphoma & leukemia arises due to the hematopoietic cells.

4- Germ cell tumor 

Germ cell tumor is due to the pluripotent cells. The pluripotent cells are mostly in testicles or ovary. Hence the cancer is in the ovary or testicle.

If you see that a person has cancer in his testicle or ovary then it means that he or she is facing Germ cell tumor.

5- Blastoma Cancer

 Blastoma is a type of cancer which is due to the embryonic tissue.

Recommendations for Cancer 

There are various recommendations for the disease of cancer. These recommendations are given by experts. USPSTF is the U.S Preventive Services Task Force who has issued some of the recommendations for the disease of cancer

1- It recommends a screening of cervical cancer in females who have able to have sex. They usually have cervix until they reach till the age of 65 or 66.

2- It recommends only ‘American’ that they should be screened for the colorectal cancer. The screening of colorectal cancer is done by the fecal occult blood testing.

3- There is no need of any proof or evidence for the sake of screening of cancer of skin, cancer of lungs or oral cancer.

 4- USPSTF recommends mammography for the cancer of breast. But there is a restriction of age. Mammography is done from ages 50-74.

Types of Cancer in Gene 

Gene such as BRCAA1, BRCA2 include breast cancer. It also include the cancer of pancreatic and ovarian. Similarly the gene of HNPCC, PMS2, MLH1, PMS1, MSH2, MSH6 include six type of cancer . These six cancer are as follows :
1- Colon
2- Tract
3- Uterine
4- Urinary
5- Small bowel.


Basically surgery is a way or process done for the solid cancer. Solid cancer are those type of cancer which play a role in palliation and prolongation in the survival of a person. It is done while diagnosis or tumor problem. The whole of the mass is removed in the localized cancer like lymph nodes. This can finish the cancer easily.