Diabetes Symptoms Guide Overview, Types & Causes

Date | 24 january 2017 | Written by Raeisa

Diabetes is such type of disease in which the glucose of the blood or the sugar in the blood shoots. It goes very high. Glucose in the body go very high. You get a lot of glucose from specific type of food. If a person eats food which contains a lot of sugar. He will suffer. Glucose stay if there is no enough insulin in the body.

There are basically two types of diabetes. In the type 1, the body stop making insulin.

In type 2, the body is unable to use the insulin. The second type is more dangerous.

Having an excess amount of glucose may allow you to face serious problem. It can damage your eyes, kidney and nerves as well. It can damage eye in such a way that your eyes may get week.

Common Diabetes Symptoms 

1- Being really thirsty again and again.
2- Felling more tired without doing any work.
3- Going to the toilet again and again ,specially at night.
4- Weight loss without trying .
5- Cuts & wounds take long time to heal.
6- Blurred vision.

It means to eat natural & healthy food. that’s means to stick to mealtimes. It is a diet which is very rich in vitamins
and nutrients. It is mainly low in fats and calories. Some of the best examples are fruits, vegetables and grains. It is the best plan for the people of all ages.

What is the logic……. ?

If you are a patient. Doctor will recommend you to meet dentition. The plan will help the patient to control the sugar
level. It will manage his weight. It will alsoo control the risk of heart. When a person eat a lot of calories. The body
makes excess of glucose. Therefore, a person should have a regular checkup. If the blood glucose exceed. It may be

 Types of diabetes 

There are three types &  It’s important to know that what type of you have . They are as follows.

Type 1 

The Human body does not make insulin. There are three names of this type of diabetes. First name is suggested by the experts

which is insulin-dependent diabetes. Second name is Juvenile diabetes. And the

third name is early-onset diabetes.

Human beings suffer this type of diabetes under the age of 40. People face it in adulthood. Insulin is given in the body. The reason is that the body does not produce it. These injections are given to the victim through out the life. This type  is not as common as the second type of diabetes which is express below.

Type 2 

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Body does not make insulin for the proper functioning. People control it by doing plenty of exercise, maintaining the level of their sugar and glucose or using tablets which are recommended by certain doctors. Those people who have a lot of weight are on red point in the aspect of facing this type of diabetes. People often have a fat belly which is the sign of risk for them.

Type 3 Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a special type of diabetes. It is faced by the pregnant women. Cure of diabetes is done. Women who are pregnant may have high level of sugar or glucose in their body. This forms diabetes.

Problems Faced By Patient Of Diabetes

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If the sugar level in the body gets very high. A number of obstacles are face by the patient. Some of them are as follows :

1- It may damage your eyes.
2- It may affect your kidney.
3- It may harm your nerves.
4- It causes heart problem.
5- There might be a need to remove the limb.
6- A women who is pregnant can get diabetes. If a pregnant women suffers diabetes. It is called, ‘Gestational diabetes.’

Cure of Diabetes 

Cures for both type 1 and type 2 have not yet been discovered.  Anyhow progress being made to prospectively cure type 1 in this generation.

1- There are certain type of tests which can show that Diabetes is there. A1C is a test which is one of them.
2- Exercise.
3- Weight Controlling 
4- Dieting
5- A  meal plan may work out.
6- Maintain your sugar level.
7- Maintain the level of glucose in your body.
8- Use medicine.

What Food Can Causes Blood Sugar/Diabetes Swings 

what food causes diabetes,


Some of the recommendations are given below .

1- Have healthy carbohydrates.
2- Use foods which are rich in fiber.
3- Eat fish.
4- Eat almonds, pecans, olives to gain fats.
5- Have 2,300 mg sodium per day. Otherwise, 1,500 mg is enough.
6- Consume hot dog, sausage and bacon. It contains saturated


Date | 24 january 2017 | Written by Raeisa