spinach | And Mushroom Delicious Fried Rice

Communicate approximately calorie density lots and this is a extremely good example of in which you could consume a lot of delicious food, be in reality crammed up and happy, and have it be much less than 400 calories. by the use of veggies to reduce the calorie density, you get extra meals, it is inexpensive, and it is better for you – all at the same time as being amazing tasting. people in maximum Asian nations like India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh rice their essential dish, while in western nations it is used as a side-dish. it’s also used to prepare many variety rice dishes in which cooked rice is seasoned with spinach, lemon, tomato, tamarind, curd or coconut. greens can be brought whilst cooking rice to make distinctive one pot meals known as pulao.

Ingredients اجزاء

Rice (boiled ) 3 cups                                        ابلےہوے چاول 3 کپ
Mushroom chopped ) 1/2 cup                             مشروم 1/2 کپ 
Oil 3 tbsp                                                        تیل 3  کھانے کے چمچ   
Spring onion (chopped ) 2 tbsp            ہری پیاز 2 کھانے کے چمچ
Spinach (chopped ,boiled ) 1/2 kg                  پالک    1/2کلو
Salt and black pepper …to taste    نمک، کالی مرچ پاؤڈر حسب ذائقہ
Eggs (boiled ) 3 slices                                              انڈا    3عدد

spinach and mushroom fried rice

Spinach Fried Rice Recipe

Take a medium sauce pan. Heat the water. Stir rice in boiling water.

lessen heat to medium-low and simmer, in part blanketed, for 30 minutes.

Do now not boil away all of the liquid and do now not stir the rice.

whilst a very small quantity of liquid stays, get rid of the pan from the burner and let it stand.

whilst the rice is cooking, prepare the greens.

place the sesame oil in a huge skillet or wok over high warmth.


(1)  پین میں آئل گرم کر کے ہری پیاز، چاول، پالک اور مشروم فرائی کریں
(2)  اب اس میں نمک اور کالی مرچ پاؤڈر مکس کر لیں.
(3)  انڈوں کے ساتھ. گرم گرم سرو کریں. 


 serve this spinach rice hot with eggs.

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