New And Upcoming Horror Movies Of 2017

Horror upcoming movies are being watched in all over the world. The movies of western countries is very famous in all over the world. People watch them will thrill and amusement. There is a proper ranking of movies which show the demand and acceptance of that movie in audience. Therefore, as new year is started. So there are many upcoming movies of 2017 based on horror stories. Some of the top horror movies oft his year are as follows

The Bye Bye Man

This movie is based on three students. They spend one night in a haunted house. They realize that the house is haunted. And there is a monster who attacks on the students and make them as his victim of bye bye man. The students realize that the only way to get rid of the bye bye man is not to think about him and not to take his name as well. 

They bye bye man is an american movie. It is very much horror. It is directed by Stacy Title. This movie is written by Jonathan Penner  It is based on a chapter namely “ The Bridge to Body Island. The stars of movie are Douglas, Smith, Faye Dunaway , Cressida Bonas and many more. This movie will release on January 13, 201

Get Out

 Get out

Get out is an horror upcoming movie in which Chris and Rose love each other. Rose is girl friend of Chris. Chris wants to marry Rose. Chris visits the parents of Rose for the sake of relationship with their daughter. But he fails to convince him. And in his house he observes some creepy things regarding her parents.

Get Out is an upcoming  movie written and directed by  Jordan Peele . Movie stars are Keith Stanfield, Daniel kaluuya, Bradley Whitford and many more. It is an English movie. It will release on 24 February,2017 by universal pictures.

Insidious Chapter 4

Insidious Chapter 4


This movie is gonna release on 20th October, 2017. It is an American Movie. It is written by Leigh Whannel. Its last 3 chapters are watched by the audience with full interest.

The Dark tower

In the dark tower, there is a man who wanders in lands. He is alone and he searches a tower. A tower whose colour is black. he succeeds to find the black tower. It is series of a book. Author is American. His name is stephen King. It includes fantasy like dark fantasy . It reveals the story of Stephen King’s multiverse & also throws light on other novels. There is inspiration of the poem in this novel writing. The poem name is  “ Childe Roland to the dark tower came “.  The movie will be released in 2017.

Saw Legacy

Saw legacy is another American horror movie. It is American and directed by Michael. Director of this movie is Peter Spierig. They both directed it together. It is written by Josh Stolberg.  It is based on saw. Its music is by Charlie Clouser. The name of the production company is Twisted pictures. Lionsgate films did its distribution. It will get released on October 27, 2017. It is in English.

The Lord Of Rings

The Lord Of Rings

Rings is a psychological movie. It is directed by F. Javier Gutierrez. It is produced by Laurie MacDonald. It is written by David Loucka.  Budged was about 33 million dollar. Total running time is 117 minutes. music is composed by Matthew Margeson.  It will release on 3rd February, 2017.