Migraine Symptoms, Tension, Cluster Headaches And Learn About Headache / Migraine

Date- 12 jan 2017 I Written by Raeisa

Throbbing pain of head is one of the Migraines symptoms. Other types are also known like tension headache & cluster headache . This directly causes the arousal of disturbed vision and nausea. Tension headache is cause overthinking as demonstrated by its name.

Headache is a pain in head or neck. cause headache, migraine occurs. This is result of depression or overthinking. This can be avoided easily by following on the precautions. conclude it is better not to overthink & take stress in case of headache. if one suffers headache, then he must visit to the doctor immediately. there are some causes of headache.

Tension Headache|

Tension headache commonly occurs in every 10th person.This is because of stress. Everyone around us suffer it mostly. This causes mild or intense pain that  radiates over the entire head. Those who suffer it, they have various comments about it. Some say that it feels like there a band around the forehead. Having caffeine,  alcohols, drugs and doing smoking in excess cause headache.

Types Of Headache 

There are various types of headaches. Some of them are as follows :-

1- Hypnic jerk 

Duration of this headache is for 20-35 minutes. it occurs during night. This is usually suffered by old women. ‘Lithium’ is used as a cure. Hypnic jerk occurs when you fall asleep at night & makes you wake suddenly. And after this sudden jerk you are kept awake for a wide range of interval . It can be treated by avoiding alcohol & reducing caffeine .moreover , there are present various supplements available like relaxing herbs that can promote sleep & avoid hypnic jerk .

2- Primary sex headache 

It occurs during the sex. The headache increases as you do sex . In order to prevent from this type of headache, the patient is advised to stop sex and control his/her desires. Diltiazem is very helpful. Dont have stress to get ride of it.

3- Cluster headache 

Sever pain occurs in head for round about 20 minutes. Symptoms are tearing and red eyes.This proves to be one of the painful headache. Pain spreads to one side of head that awakes you in the middle of the night .its occurs with frequent bouts . But it is not life threatening & can be treated with proper medications .

4- Hemicrania continua

In this type of headache, there is pain in head after several intervals. For the sake of cure, indomethacin  is used. usually it is referred as primary headache disorder & may cause a unilateral pain that radiates over head. conclude as stated before Indomethacin is commonly used for its treatment .

Migraine Symptoms| And Causes 

1- Fatigue
2- Stress
3- Medication
4- Drugs
5- Toothache
6- Beverages
7- Cold food
8- Rapid ingestion
9_ Head injury
10- Common colds
11- Viral infection

The Most Final Stages Of Headache / Migraine

 1- Meningitis 

This is very dangerous type of headache. Brain bleeds from inside. Neck remains stiff. One has to suffer High fever. The layers that covers the brain are of three basic meninges. Cerebrospinal fluid inside these meninges leak It spreads all over. This can prove to be fatal .

2-Brain Tumor

Before brain tumor starts, nausea & vomiting occurs. There is dull headache.brain tumor is the uncontrolled division of cell. these are actually the abnormal cells whose abnormal division can damage the normal functioning of brain and very badly .

3-Temporal arteries

There is a temporary disease in the arteries with fever and headache. This may inhibit the blood supply . This causes a radiating pain all over the head . This is fatal .

Cure Of Migraine Headache 

Mostly the cure of headache depends upon the type of headache. Some points are there that we should follow .
1- No overthinking.
2- Don’t take stress.
3- Be relax.
4- Take proper rest.
5- Sleep 9 hours.
6- Listen soft music which makes you feel good.
8- Take proper medicine.
9- Visit doctor in case of headache.
10- Use of pain-killer.

Online Test For Headaches 

Headache can be very much harmful. One must visit online websites and give online test of headache. In the test, there are some questions regarding your personal life & experiences. conclude one has to fill the MCQs type format in order to get results. In results, the software tells you that you’re suffering this problem or not according to the information added by you.

How To Recognizing The Symptoms Of Migraine 

There are different ways of recognizing headache. If one feels pain in partial head from backside then it is symptom of migraine. Similarly there is pain in different parts like neck, forehead, eyes, upper part of head & the most forward portion of head.

Date- 12 jan 2017 I Written by Raeisa