Why You Should Learn German Language … ?

Date- 14 jan 2017 I Written by Raeisa

German And Distance Education is being learned in almost every part of the world. There are many reasons of learning German language. Germany is the second largest exporter of the world. Its economy is very strong. People learn German language so that they can go to Germany and have a good job or settle any kind of business over there. Because it is difficult to have a job in Germany if one does not know the German Language. In short, German Language is the key or pass to get into the world of business or jobs in Germany. German language helps in communication. There are many websites which are in German Language. The data is purely in German language. And the media and new as well as latest updates regarding all the subjects are there on different websites. These all stuff is in German Language. So if a person knows German Language then he or she can easily excel in the media and avail its information easily. Some of the reasons of learning German Language are as follows.

Germany, Second largest exporter 

Germany is the second largest exporter. Its number of exports are largest as compared to the number of imports. Hence, its economy is very strong. All the industries on international level who has have strong business are somehow directly or indirectly attached to Germany. In the whole world, Germany is the center of business among European & non-European countries.

Germany, Commonly spoke in Europe 

Germany  is commonly spoke in Europe. As we know that German is the heart of Europe, hence its economy is also strong. Therefore, it is widely spoke in all over the Europe. It is also being taught in Europe. Hence, if one knows German, then it is the plus point of that person who is in Europe. In the European countries, German language is being taught in the school. This is a proper subject. Therefore student of Europe also study their O’levels & A’levels in German Language. The reason is that Government knows the importance of this Language and it helps the student to make their career.

Germany, Heart of Europe 

Since Germany is the heart of Europe, it is being spoke widely all over the Europe. The heart line of Europe is Germany. In other words, we can assume that Europe is alive due to presence of Germany. For example, a body is alive till its heart pumps. Therefore if there is no heart then there is no life. Similarly if there is no Germany then Europe is dead. There is no Europe. This is the Importance of Germany. That is why Germany is the heart of Europe.

Noble Prizes in Germany

Germany got almost 22 Nobel pries in Physics, 30 in Chemist and 25 in Medicine. This proves that there is a lot of knowledge which is buried in the land of Germany. Sir Issac Newton was also a German. He achieved his all education in German Language. The Physics in German Language is very conceptual.

Germany, An Investor 

Germany is a big investor in United Kingdom. It have invested almost over 10 billion dollars in United Kingdom. In United Kingdom, there are more than 30% German People. The Germans have invested for almost more than 10 billion dollars. US population are also learning German language. If we have a glance in history, then we will come to know that the culture of US is interlinked with Germany.

Germany, Business Sector 

Germany is the largest business sector of the world. All the business sectors are directly or indirectly related with Germany. It is the largest and biggest core point of Accounting and Finance in all over the world. It is the biggest business sector of the world. The reason is its economy. Therefore, the economy of Germany is the strongest economy of the world. This is the reason that a business sector can survive. A business sector cannot survive in a weak economy. That is why Germany is a business sector.

Similarity between German & English

There is a lot of similarity between German and English.  Many of the words of English are similar as compared to German language. One who knows English can easily learn German language in a very less period of time.

German, A scientific language 

Germany is the second largest language in aspect of Science. There are many books which are present in German language and they are not translated yet. Hence, one can think and make guess that a lot knowledge is buried in the books of Germany.

18% of Books are in German

18% of books are in German which are not translated yet. There books include the subject of Sciences as well as Arts. Therefore if one knows German. Then he or she can get  a lot of knowledge by knowing the language of German.

German Teachers 

There is a demand of German teacher. If someone is a German teacher then he can get a good pay in Europe. The reason is that there are many students are are seeking German teachers. They want to learn German language as they know the benefits of German language.

Date- 14 jan 2017 I Written by Raeisa