Skin Whitening| Tips For Glowing Skin Remedy By Dr Khurram

 Make this skin whitening scrub that’s great for scrubbing your hand and  feet whitening . Best remedy for glowing skin that take 2-3 tbsp of ground rice, add a few drops of honey and cider vinegar to make a thick paste. It helps to lighten your skin fast and permanently. Every one of this era wants to look white. This is natural. How can a person improve his color ?

Is it possible to turn the color into fair and white ?

It certainly is. Follow the following steps and experience the change in your color
Mash some Bananas in a bowl.
Now add some drops of mint
Add some sugar
Apply this on your face and neck.
Do it for one or more than one week. You will see the change in your color.

 Skin Whitening| Tips 

Skin Whitening Dr Khurram -
Skin Whitening Tips For Glowing Skin Remedy

1-  soak chany ki daal in water and grand it to make its powder Add milk in it to make corresponding paste and apply on skin for 15 to 20 min .wash with fresh water .Applying it daily on face will make your skin showing whitening effects.

2-  ln sarsu ki khaal add orange and lemon peel to make paste Applying daily on face will brighten your skin tone.

3-  crush almond and rice  and and add milk and turmeric powder  to make a smooth paste .Apply this mask on face for approximate 20 min and wash . Reasonable effects will appear in few days

Egg Mask For Glowing Skin & Tighten Naturally

Ingredients you’ll need

Egg …..1
Olive oil …1/2 tsp
Rose water …few drops


First beat the egg and then add other ingredients to it and it well. Apply this paste on face for at least 15 min and wash this will  helps to promote clear glowing healthy winkles free skin.

Anti Aging Skin Whitening & Glowing Mask

Ingredients you’ll need

Almond oil … 3 tbsp
Jasmine oil ….3 tbsp
Alo vera …1 tbsp
Glycerin …1 tbsp
Rose water …3 tbsp


Mix all these ingredients . apply the mixture on face for 15 to 20 min and wash . observe noticing results for wonderful akin tone in days.

Fresh Rose Face Mask -
Anti Aging Skin Whitening & Glowing Mask

Fresh Rose Face Mask Remedy

Ingredients you’ll need

Apple (pealed) ..half
Spinach leaves …4 to 5
Rose water … 1 cup
Lemon juice …1/2 cup
Jasmine oil … 1 cup
Glycolic acid cream …5 gram


1-  In a pan add apple chunks , lemon juice , spinach leaves , jasmine oil , rose water and glycolic acid cream.
2-  Cook for 3 to 4 min on light flame so that apple chunks get soft & blend it in a blender and refrigerate to cool.
3-  Apply this mask twice a week with the help of brush and wash after half an hour.
This process will eliminate your dryness , sunburns and making your skin beautifully glowing.

Whiten Drink + Remedy Your Whole Body By Dr Khurram

If you want to whiten your whole body then you have to focus on what you eat. Don’t try to eat junk food and don’t drink beverages. If you drink a lot juice such as juice of red carrot and juice of tomato then you can see the change. You’re skin will get red which will increase the beauty of your face.

Skin Whitening Drink Ingredients you’ll need

Take ½ glass of carrot juice
½ glass tomato juice
Black papper paste
Mix them and drink the juice for the sake of whiteness of your body.


And if you want to make mask then you will be needing the following things
Ingredients you’ll need
Paste of Almonds ——2 cups
Dry petals of roses —–2 cups
Husn e Yousaf ———–1 cup
Outer layer of Lemon –2 cups
2% Hydro queen ———1 cup


Now mix them all. After taking bath, massage your skin for 30-35 minutes. And eat one tablet of CQ10 enzyme. This will show its effect and your body will start turning white.