Influenza/ Swine Flu Symptoms, Causes, Advice,Treatment & History

Date- 27 Feb 2016 I Written by Raeisa

Swine Flu is a human flu. This flu jumps from a person to person. This is a mixture of human flu, bird and genes of pig. It is called H1N1 & also known as influenza. It usually do not affect the people directly. However those who suffer swine flu are those people who have direct contact with the pigs & birds. In this way, this flu shifts from those who have direct contact with pig to those who don’t have any direct contact with them.

What Is The History Of Influenza / Swine Flu

On 5th February, 1976, Fort Dix who was in the army of US.

One day he felt very much tired and weak as well. On 6th February, 1976, he passed away. Then Mr Fort died after few days cause influenza.

It was named as H1 N1 OR Swine flu. Till March, this virus started to spread and caused illness. At that time, President of US was General Ford. this lead to vaccination. According to history when some people were vaccinated on 1st October, 1976 . They passed away. But the reason of their death was not as the result of injection. Even it was not provent. However, other people did’t die.


symptoms of swine flu

Swine Flu Symptoms|

There are specific symptoms of swine flu including :
1- Cough
2- Fever
3- Sore throat
4- Body aches
5- Fatigue.
Some people suffer vomiting in swine flu. There is also a flu test which may confirm the swine flu as well. Accuracy of swine flu us dependent on the tests.

Swine Flu Causes

1- It may cause asthma.
2- It may cause liver problem.
3- It may cause a problem in the kidney.
4- Swine flu results in blood disorder.
5- Sickle cell disease is the result of swine flu.
6- Children under the age of 2 may die.
7- It causes diabetes.                                                                                                                                                                       8- Metabolic disorder.
9- Immune disorder.
10- It may cause cancer.

Advice For Influenza/Swine Flu Patient

1- Stay home.
2- Cover your mouth when you have cough.
3- Keep a tissue in hand.
4- Always wash your hand.
5- If you feel easy then wear a surgical mask.

Treatment Of Swine Flu /Influenza

Anti viral drugs are used in the treatment of Swine flu . If such drugs are taken within 48-50 hours, then it is very much effective. There is an antiviral drug namely peramivir which is only used in the hospitals for the patients. It is not necessary to use the antiviral drugs. The reason is very strong. This is cause the most of the patients get cure without using the antiviral drugs. But the experts recommend this type of drug cause it helps in the recovery. if this drug is given on time then the patient may get cure & there is less risk of losses.

Swine Flu In US 

In 1988, this virus killed a pregnant women who’s age was almost 32. She became very ill after visiting a barn. His husband enumerate became very ill. The women died. Right after eight days, her husband enumerate died. Later on it was identified that this is H1N1.

At this time, there are three main flu viruses that circulate in U.S. pigs: H1N1, H1N2 and H3N2. These viruses do not usually infect people and are genetically different from the H1N1 and H3N2 viruses that commonly circulate in people.

Influenza| Swine flu In Philippine

Swine flu identified On 20 August, 2007. Almost 10% of people died of it. mostly people get sick from infected pigs, but other animals such as cats,cows, rodents, dogs, rabbits & horses can also carry this disease.

Swine Flu| In Ireland

In 2009, 14 deaths occurred in Ireland. It came under observation that the deaths were conclude of a virus H1N1. 8 of them died due to immune system problem. This is a symptoms of Swine flu as well. It is made assure in Ireland that people under 65 must be vaccines to get protected from such fatal virus.

Date- 28 Dec 2016 I Written by Raeisa