Toothache| 7 Common Dental Problems Of Tooth Cavities & Treatments


Tooth cavity has become one of the common problem of every person. This is because of junk food that directly harms us orally. Feeling of tingling , cold and warmth sensation causes toothache that predicts the initial stages of damage and cavities.

There are many problems of toothache. We should take care of our tooth. According to dentist, we should brush our teeth twice a day. When we walk up early in the morning, we should brush our teeth. Similarly when we go to bed at night, we should again brush our teeth. If we don’t take care of teeth, then we may face a lot of problems of tooth. Some of the problem of tooth are as follows.

Toothache To Get Relief From Toothache


Toothache is a very bad pain in gums of teeth. It might be causes headaches and an ordinary pain or intense pain as well. Therefore, this can be very serious. Blood may come out. Usually toothache is very much painful. If you face it, you should go to the dentist as soon as possible or take any antibiotic to get comfort.

Tooth Cavity| Treatment

1- placed two drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and area it towards the teeth itself till the ache recedes.
2- A teaspoon of salt dissolved in a cup of boiling water makes a ache-killing mouthwash. with a purpose to smooth away anxious particles and help  reduce swelling. graceful it round for approximately 30 seconds. Salt water cleanses the vicinity across the teeth that causes swelling. Repeat this remedy as regularly as wanted.

Stained Tooth Cavity Causes And Remedy

Stained Teeth Causes And Remedy -

As evident from the name that there are stains on the surface of the teeth. A person eats a lot of things through out the whole day. So therefore, if the person does not brush his teeth then his teeth may get yellowish or stains on it. For the cure, dentist use special laser light when clean the teeth. Or if you use simple toothpaste then your stains can be removed.


The age-vintage home cure of baking soda and a toothbrush to softly whiten teeth at domestic. also, a few meals including celery, apples, pears, and carrots trigger plenty of saliva, which allows wash away meals particles to your tooth.

What Is Tooth Cavity …. .?

If there is a tiny little hole in your teeth then this means that your teeth can fall with the passage of time. There are two main disadvantages. One is that it hurts due to which you are not able to eat. Second is that teeth may fall. So you should take appointment from the dentist as soon as possible. Take advice from dentist and protect your teeth from cavity.

Chipped Tooth Repair At Home

Chipped Tooth Repair At Home -

This is basically a dental injury. This may be due to any type of accident or you may face it if you fall and your teeth may cause injury. So, dentist may recommend a crown for it. This will allow your tooth to look in a full shape. Therefore, dentist may replace the tooth with a plastic teeth as well.


In 90% of cases you must visit the dentist and ultimately this may save you cash, time and effort.A chip may be the San Andres fault; your enamel can be California, sliding lightly into the sea. Or the chip or crack may want to in reality leave you liable to infection & rot. A dentist can bond or seal the tooth, repairing chips at the same time as maintaining your choppers secure from finishing up a dental lifeless zone.

Impacted Tooth 

You can have an impacted tooth too. What is an Impacted tooth ? A tooth which does not come out properly is termed as impacted tooth. This growing tooth gets stuck with the other tooth or bone. It may also hurt. If it hurts then you must remove it or consult the oral surgeon.


No remedy can be wished if over-the-counter impacted tooth isn’t inflicting any issues.pain relievers may also help if over the counter impacted tooth a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a cup of boiling water makes a ache-killing mouthwash. removal of over the counter tooth is over-the-counter usual remedy for an impacted enamel.

Cracked Tooth Causes

If you’re teeth gets cracked while playing football or chewing gum and you don’t come to know that how it happened. Can it be saved by your dentist ? Well, you don’t have to get worried. It can be saved. If you’re tooth gets cracked then you should try crowns for the tooth which are cracked. So, try to chew from those teeth which are not cracked.

Sensitive to Cold or hot

Ice-cream sounds yummy. But when you  eat it, you may feel very much cold on your tooth or gums. This also happens that when you drink hot tea or coffee you feel current in the tooth. Therefore, to get rid of this problem you would have to do filling or change you’re toothpaste.

Too Many Tooth

There are 32 teeth in the mouth of a person.  If you have extra teeth then it is called Hyperdontia.  It may cause tumor as well. Is there any treatment for it ? Yes, it is very simple. You just have to get removed the extra teeth. It may hurt for short term. But you’re order of teeth in your mouth can be adjusted easily.

7 Common Dental Problems -

The Best Time To Get Rid Of Them

on every occasion your dentist detects problems or feels that your awareness tooth have the capability to create complications to your mouth, he’ll maximum probably recommend which you have one or all your wisdom enamel eliminated. wisdom teeth are also less complicated to take away while you’re more youthful than when you are older, Due to the fact the roots aren’t completely evolved and the bone across the teeth is not as dense. this indicates there’s a slimmer danger of negative surrounding nerves, tooth or bone all through elimination.