Quick And Easy 7 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan


As the matter of facts, weight reduce can be done in seven days. It is not linked with staying hungry. It all depends on the food you eat. The reason is that different sort of food have different affects on the body. Some of the food kill the fats while some of them increase fats. Like, if someone does gym. This may increase her or his weight or it may result in the decrease in weight as well.

How to weight loss  in seven days…?

Tips are as follows

Day 1 Start With Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice For Weight Loss - Ibneali.com

On day first  start with 3-4 Plan tomato juice  Time 7-9 am, you should drink cabbage soup as much as you can. Hence,

only eat fruits on this day.You may eat as much fruits as you like. You can eat any fruit .But do not try to eat bananas. They increase fats.

Be careful of eating food. Take only two things on day first. First thing is  cabbage soup. Drink it like water. Second thing is fruits.

Day 2 Spend With Vegetables

On second day, you have to drink cabbage soup 2,3 cup in a day.

On this day only eat vegetables. you may eat as much as you like . you can also have try to eat baked potatoes in breakfast.

But do not use oil. In other words, do not fry the vegetables in oil. It also increases the fats. On the second day,

Day 3 Eat Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits For Weight Loss - Ibneali.com

In third day, you should drink cabbage soup as much as you wish.

On this day eat citrus fruits, vegetables & soup as well. however don’t have eat bananas.

You have to do a combo. Add day 1 & day 2 on this day. You drank soup with citrus fruits on day first. And ate vegetables on second day. Now combine them and do it this day.

Day 4 Eat Bananas

On 4th day, you should drink a lot of cabbage soup .

you are allowed to eat bananas up to 8. and drink skimmed 500 ml milk in bananas and take it.

Day 5 Eat Your Special Meal

Green Tea For Weight Loss - Ibneali.com

On the fifth day, you have to eat your meal. Since you did’t eat meal for the last four days. Hence, your body would start feeling lack of protein and fats. Have green tea along with it So you might feel lazy and sleepy.

you may eat as much lean beef as you wish on this day. you can also eat many tomatoes and don’t forget to take cabbage soup.

You would feel like you can eat 10 goats. So now there is time to eat tomatoes. Eat six tomatoes and they would work out. They will easily finish the lackness of minerals in your body. Eating six tomatoes in not a very big deal. So try it and you will see the affects.

Day 6 Vegetables And Rice With Dal

7 Days Easy Diet Plan With Cabbage Soup - Ibneali.com

On the day 6,you have to drink cabbage soup 2,3 cup in a day.

you can take a cup of rice  with dal and boil it. The boiled rice is taken in afternoon. But don’t forget to pay attention on the diet plan of the vegetables which you are already acting upon.

On this day, you will feel a change in your body and digestive system will also go towards the betterment.

Day 7  Fruits And Vegetables

On the 7th day. you have to drink cabbage soup as much as you wish.

You may also take boil rice , fruits and vegetables as much as you wish. No meat should be eaten on this day.

. This will work out. It would have a good affect on your body. You will start looking slim if you repeat this routine. Fats would be burnt and body will start getting in its proper shape.


Weight Loss With Cabbage Soup Loss 10 lbs In One Week 

Cabbage Soup is a diet Soup, a complete meal in it’s self. Loss the weight speedy or simply hold it,
start with having the soup three to four times an afternoon, with fruit and salad in between for two weeks. After that try this for as soon as per week and at the relaxation of the days,
This soup is a magic soup, delicious, healthful, and specially facilitates you shed pounds very very speedy.

let’s try this recipe and send me your comment, I would really like to hear from you.

Date- 25 jan 2017 I Written by Raeisa