Autism Spectrum| What is Autism ..?


Autism spectrum disorder is a rare occurrence with unknown causes and is a genetic disease .The environmental and unknown causes has been known to cause this disease .

What is Autism ? It is basically a mental condition. If a person is suffering from Autism then it means that he or she has been facing it since childhood. It is also in genes sometimes. Person who is suffering Autism may feel difficulty in communicating and forming relation with someone else. It is due to environmental factors. If we look globally then Autism is faced by 21.7 million people in all over the world yearly. Boys or girls face is four or five times. Autism in adult is aged 18. There are specific diagnoses which are done for the cure of Autism.

 Autism| Repetitive behavior

Autism in human beings can show many types of repetitive behavior. It is also termed as restricted behavior ( RBS-R).  Some of them are as follows,

1- Restricted behavior of Stereotyped

It includes head rolling and hand flapping.

2- Restricted behavior of Compulsive

Anxiety is reduced and the victim is forced to act according to the rigid principles such as placing the things in a proper order.

3- Restricted behavior of Ritualistic

It includes daily routine work such as dressing like ritual.

4- Self-injury

It includes an attitude such as hand biting or head banging. It may also include eye poking or skin picking.

Autism Spectrum| Disorder Causes

Repetitive behavior Autism

There are many causes of Autims. It is mostly due to genetic problem.  When the multiple genetic structure interact with each other, the factors like epigenetics and environment do not change the DNA.  Therefore, it is mainly due to the genes which has a fault in it. If there is lack of oxygen at birth, then there might be chances of Autism. In some of the stages, the attitude of Autism is due to following main reasons :

German Measles which are mainly called Rubella. It is usually in pregnant mother.

  • A specific genetic problem due to which the tumor grows in the brain. This is known as Tuberous sclerosis.
  • If there is a disability of mind then it is termed as Fragile x.
  • When there occurs inflammation in the brain then it is Encephalitis.
  • In case of no enzymes which are available for metabolism then it is known as PKU. PKU is an abbreviation of Phenylketonuria. It is basically known as Untreated Phenylketonuria.

What is Autism|Victim’s Sensitivity ….?

Many children of this era eat a lot of junk food. They eat wafers, toffees, wafers and chocolates in a large quantity. They usually do not like soft and lumpy food.  And most of them are not interested to try a new kind of food to eat. According to experts, many children who face autism try to eat metal or plastic. Autistic children do not like to touch wet substances. They don’t like people to touch them. In this way they get sensitive. The sensitivity may increase with the passage of time. Hence, this is a fact. Some of the people may be able to express their sensitivity and some of the people may not.

 Diagnose of Autism

If there is a person and he is facing Autism. Then he can be diagnosed. But for this purpose, the person should fulfill two criteria. The first one is that there must be symptoms from early childhood. And these Symptoms are known with their intellectual disabilities. The victims may lack the ability to maintain the understanding and relationship.